Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Magnus Robot Fighter" Faces The 'Metal Mob'

Dark Horse Comics' "Magnus, Robot Fighter"#4, available May 25, 2011, is written by Jim Shooter, with illustrations by Bill Reinhold and a cover by Raymond Swanland :

"...If you hunt and kill a man, it's murder, but what if it's a robot with advanced artificial intelligence? To 'Magnus', that's murder, too. 'Capo Andronicus' runs a 'safari' racket patronized by the idle rich, who pay to track sentient 'Q-ROBs' deep in the lawless 'Goph Lands'. Tonight's prey: 'Q-ROB Steelhammer'.

"Even though Steelhammer is a human killer, Magnus cannot allow him to be hunted like an animal. But interfering with the hunt makes Magnus prey as the robot fighter confronts 'Timur' in a battle for the ages..."

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