Thursday, May 26, 2011

"True Blood" : Show Your True Colors- June 26, 2011

Sneak Peek new posters supporting the fourth season of HBO's 'vampire' TV series "True Blood", premiering June 26, 2011.

Created and produced by Alan Ball, "True Blood" is based on "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" series of novels by author Charlaine Harris.

The books detail the co-existence of 'vampires' and humans in 'Bon Temps', a small town in the state of Louisiana.

The TV series follows 'Sookie Stackhouse' (Anna Paquin), a 'telepathic' waitress at a bar, who falls in love with vampire 'Bill Compton' (Stephen Moyer).

"True Blood" is produced by HBO in association with Ball's production company, Your Face Goes Here Entertainment.

The first season (2008) won several awards, including a 'Golden Globe' and 'Emmy'. The show's second 12-episode season premiered June 14, 2009 and the third season June 13, 2010.

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