Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"John Carter" Is The "Warlord Of Mars"

For fans of author Edgar Rice Burroughs' "John Carter", Dynamite Entertainment has some new comic book titles coming out November 2011, including "Warlord Of Mars" #14, written by Arvid Nelson, with illustrations by Edgar Salazar and covers by Joe Jusko, Stephen Sadowski, Lucio Parrillo :

"...'John Carter' learns the shocking truth about the 'therns', the mysterious sect of priests who control the worship of 'Issus', the goddess of all Mars. He and 'Tars Tarkas', the greatest warrior of the 'Green Martians', will have to battle their way through the hellish labyrinth of the therns' temples before they can tell anyone about their discovery. Fortunately for them, they'll have the help of 'Thuvia', 'Princess of Ptarth'. But even if they free themselves from the temples, they'll have another, even more deadly threat to contend with: an ancient terror from Mars' larger moon..."

In "Warlord Of Mars: Dejah Thoris" #9, written by Arvid Nelson, with illustrations by Carlos Rafael and covers by Paul Renaud, Joe Jusko, le Garza :

"...'Dejah Thoris', 'Princess of Helium' and 'Phondari', 'Pirate Queen of Mars', are hot on the trail of the 'Hoard of Segotha', an ancient treasure lost thousands of years ago. Legends say the hoard contains something wondrous, something of inestimable worth unknown even to the greatest warlords of Mars. But these same legends also say the treasure is cursed. True or not, Phondari's old enemy, 'Xen Brega', is determined to kill her and Dejah and keep the hoard for himself. But never mind Brega -- can Dejah really trust Phondari?..."

Then in "Warlord Of Mars: Fall Of Barsoom" #5, written by Robert Place Napton, with illustrations by Roberto Castro and covers by Joe Jusko, Francesco Francavilla :

"...The final battle continues as the 'Green Hordes' overwhelm the last stronghold of the 'White Martian Empire'. And if the 'Atmosphere Plan't isn't activated, all life on Mars will cease to exist. It's the last stand for 'Barsoom' in the final chapter of the 'Fall of Barsoom'..."

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