Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Showtime Developing "The Damned"

According to publisher Oni Press, the prohibition-era set comic book series "The Damned", created by writer Brian Hurtt and illustrator Cullen Bunn, has been optioned by Showtime to be adapted into a television series.

Showrunner for development of the series is David Hayter :

"...the story revolves around a cursed man named 'Eddie, and his demonic curse of returning from the dead over and over again. The curse is always at the expense of whoever happens to be the next person to touch him. The injury that killed Eddie vanishes, and whoever touched Eddie while he was dead, appears on them, and in turn, they die.

"Meanwhile, demonic gang bosses command their own family of demons, engaged in trafficking souls and running speak easys. When two warring gangs arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement, the moderating demon, called in to make arrangements for the truce, is kidnapped.

"Eddie is then hired by gang boss 'Alphonse Aligheri' to find out what happened to the missing arbiter..."

The new series will be updated from the prohibition era to modern day.

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