Friday, September 23, 2011

Fox Exploring "The Caves Of Steel"

According to internet reports, 20th Century Fox, the home of sci fi features "Star Wars" and "Alien", will next adapt sci fi author Issac Asimov's novel "The Caves Of Steel".

The book was first published as a serial in "Galaxy Magazine", October to December 1953, with a Doubleday hardcover following in 1954 :

"...'Elijah Baley' and 'R. Daneel Olivaw', live three millennia in Earth's future, a time when hyperspace travel has been discovered, and a few worlds relatively close to Earth have been colonized, including fifty planets known as the "Spacer worlds". The Spacer worlds have low population density and use robot labor very heavily.

"At the same time, Earth is overpopulated with strict rules against robots, with the human population living in 'caves of steel', vast city complexes covered by huge metal domes, capable of supporting millions, with underground transit connecting to malls and apartment blocks.

"'Roj Nemmenuh Sarton', a Spacer Ambassador living in 'Spacetown', the Spacer outpost just outside New York City, has tried to convince the Earth government to loosen its anti-robot restrictions. One morning, he is discovered outside his home, with his chest imploded by an energy blaster.

"The New York police commissioner assigns 'Detective Elijah' with finding the murderer. Elijah must work with a Spacer partner, a highly advanced robot who is visually identical to a human, named 'R. Daneel Olivaw'. Together, they search for the murderer and try to avert an interstellar diplomatic incident..."

A previous TV adaptation of "The Caves of Steel" was produced by the BBC and broadcast on BBC2, June 5, 1964 as part of an anthology strand called "Story Parade", starring Peter Cushing and John Carson.

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