Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lionsgate Bringing "Dead Island" To Life

BigGameHunter reports that Lionsgate is developing publisher Deep Silver's first person horror action-adventure video game "Dead Island", as a potential feature film franchise.

Sean Daniel ("The Mummy") and Stefan Sonnefeld will produce the first film through the Sean Daniel Company.

"Dead Island" the game, released in North America September 6, 2011, has to date sold over two million units.

Developed by Techland for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, "Dead Island" is centered on the challenge of survival on a 'zombie'-infested open world island with a major emphasis on melee combat.

Set in 'Banoi', off the coast of Papua New Guinea, the main characters wake up in the 'Palms Resort' hotel to find the island attacked by zombies, but mysteriously, they are immune to whatever is turning the living into the undead.

As they try to locate survivors, the main characters help stabilize the lifeguard center, maintaining contact via radio with 'Colonel White' who leads them into the jungle to find the source of the infection.

Eventually, they reach a laboratory where, with help from a local native tribe, a vaccine is created. But when the characters return to the lab to see the results of the blood test, a zombie breakout occurs.

Rescuing native woman 'Yerema' whose blood contains both the antivirus and vaccine, the final act in the game takes place in a prison where, in cooperation with the prisoners, the characters find White and reveal his true purpose: to nuke the island and give the vaccine to his infected wife.

But his wife bites him and he uses the vaccine on himself, subsequently undergoing a mutation and turning into a monstrous creature.

After White is killed, the characters, with Yerema fly off the island in a chopper, leaving the zombies far behind...

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