Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tongues Are Wagging Over "Archie Meets KISS"

Gene Simmons' "KISS" returns to comic books November 2011, for publisher Archie Comics, in a new 4-part series.

"'KISS' has a comic book history that spans almost four decades," said Simmons, "but it was time to do things better than ever before."

Written by Alex Segura and illustrated by Dan Parent, "Archie" #627 begins when a magic spell from 'Sabrina' ('The Teenage Witch') goes awry, allowing a cabal of monsters to invade 'Riverdale'.

The 'Archie' gang and the four members of 'KISS' then join forces to save the day.

In 1977 Marvel Comics published a slick, full-color comic magazine,"...printed in real KISS blood" (mixing the bands' actual blood with printer's ink), that has since become a hot collector's item.

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