Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fincher Fights For "The Goon"

Development continues on the animated feature "The Goon", based on the Dark Horse Comics comic book series, first published in 1999, from writer/illustrator Eric Powell.

The new film is being co-produced by Dark Horse' Mike Richardson ("The Mask") and David Fincher ("Fight Club") for Blur Studio, Inc.

According to the comic books, 'The Goon' was an orphan raised by his 'Aunt Kizzie', a side-show 'strong-woman' in a carnival.

When wanted gangster 'Labrazio' makes the carnival his hiding place, Goon sneaks into his trailer. Labrazio then shows Goon a book containing the names of all the people that owe him money.

Meanwhile the police track Labrazio down and surround the trailer.

In the resulting shoot-out, Goon's Aunt Kizzie, trying to protect her nephew, is gunned down by stray bullets from Labrazio's gun.

After Labrazio dismisses Kizzie as a 'stupid broad' for getting in the way of the crossfire, Goon kills the mobster, steals his book of contacts and eventually takes over his entire criminal operation, insisting that Labrazio is still alive, with the Goon as his 'enforcer'.

The Goon is a hulking figure, wearing the hat he took from Labrazio, with the left side of his face scarred, following a vicious fight with a 'Chinatown' Triad leader.

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