Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Relativity Flys With "The Crow"

Following a recent settlement between The Weinstein Company and Relativity Media over screen rights to the comic book character "The Crow", F. Javier Gutierrez ("Before The Fall") is now attached to direct a screenplay by Jesse Wigutow for Relativity Media's developing "The Crow" feature.

Created by James O'Barr and published in 1989 by Caliber Comics, "The Crow" was written by O'Barr as a means of dealing with the death of his girlfriend at the hands of a drunk driver. The comic book series quickly became an underground success and was later adapted into a Dimension Films' release in 1994 :

"...'Eric Draven' and his fiancée, 'Shelly', are assaulted by a gang of street thugs after their car breaks down. Left for dead on the side of the road, Eric is 'resurrected' by a crow and seeks vengeance on the murderers, methodically stalking and killing them. When not on the hunt, Eric stays in the house he shared with Shelly, spending most of his time lost in memories of her. The crow itself, acts as a guide for Eric, giving him information that helps him in his quest but also chastising him for dwelling on Shelly's death, distracting him from his purpose..."

Three "The Crow" film sequels, a television series and numerous novels have already been produced, with "The Crow" comic book series, translated into a dozen languages, selling over a quarter-million copies worldwide.

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