Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aspen Matthews Is Hard To "Fathom"

Aspen Comics' "Fathom Volume 4" #5, available March 21, 2012, is written by Scott Lobdell, David Wohl and illustrated by Alex Konat, Cory Smith, with covers by Alex Konat and Siya Oum :

"...'Aspen Matthews' stands alone against the mysterious 'Church of the Eternal Depths' -- while her new alley 'Galit' works to destroy the undersea order at its source: ancient factions within the Japanese government, waiting to unleash a myriad of weapons adapted from the technology of the 'Blue'.

"But, if they were counting on facing the underwater wallflower from her earliest adventures, her enemies couldn't possibly understand the true power that is Aspen..."

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