Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Camel Spiders" Crawling To DVD and Blu-Ray March 27, 2012

The sci-fi horror feature "Camel Spiders", executive produced by exploitation movie king Roger Corman, will be released by Anchor Bay Entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray, March 27, 2012 :

" the deserts of the Middle East, a platoon of soldiers is terrorized by a gang of large, fast and deadly arachnids called 'Camel Spiders'. The soldiers escape the deadly attack but accidently transport several of the evil beasts with them to the American southwest. There, an 'Army Captain' (Brian Krause), a small-town 'Sheriff' (C. Thomas Howell) and a desperate group of locals and tourists must survive a frightening infestation of crawling carnage..."

Diana Terranova ("Get Him to the Greek"), GiGi Erneta ("Raptor") and Jon Mack ("Mongolian Death Worm") co-star.

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