Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anthony Hopkins Does 'Alfred Hitchcock' !

Sneak Peek an image of actor Anhtony Hopkins, made up to look like the late, great film director Alfred Hitchcock.

Hopkins stars in director Sasha Gervasi's Fox Searchlight feature "Alfred Hitchcock", based on the book by author Stephen Rebello. Published in 1990, the book details all aspects of the creation of Hitchcock's thriller "Psycho' released to theaters in 1960. From Hitchcock's acquisition of the original novel by author Robert Bloch to his work with screenwriters, casting, filming, editing, scoring, and promotion, the book takes readers into the day-to-day lives of moviemakers who believed they were making a modestly budgeted, black-and-white shocker that represented a radical departure from the elegant, suspenseful films that made Hitchcock's reputation.

Rebello researched Hitchcock's personal records and archives, interviewing most of the "Psycho" surviving cast and crew members.

Prior to the book's publication, Rebello's initial research appeared as a 22-page article in the April 1986 issue of "Cinefantastique" magazine titled "Psycho: The Making of Alfred Hitchcock's Masterpiece".

Cast of the film also includes Jessica Biel as actress 'Vera Miles', alongside Scarlett Johansson and James D'Arcy.

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