Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is Fox Looking For "New Mutants" ?

With Disney owning all of Marvel Comics' characters, the "X-Men" Marvel mutant movie franchise controlled by Fox,  continues along at a feverish pace, with another "X-Men" movie in development, following the success of actor Michael Fassbender's turn as young 'Magneto' in "X-Men: First Class", as well as actor Hugh Jackman polishing up his 'adamantium' claws for a second stand-alone "Wolverine" movie. Now comes word that Fox CEO Tom Rothman may be interested in developing a feature film adaptation of Marvel Comics' "New Mutants", essentially another mutant spin-off of the "X-Men".
The "New Mutants" debuted in 1982 in "Marvel Graphic Novel" No. 4, featuring another team of students under the wing of 'Professor Charles Xavier'. Mutant members of the team include 'Karma', a 19-year-old Vietnamese girl who can mentally possess other people’s bodies, 'Cannonball', a Kentuckian with the ability to launch himself through the air, 'Wolfsbane', a Scot who can transform into a wolf-like creature, 'Psyche', a native Cheyenne with the power to create three-dimensional illusions and 'Sunspot', a Brazilian with superhuman strength powered by sunlight.  Several "New Mutant" series have been published, including a reboot in 2003, followed by numerous graphic novels.
Still no word from Marvel Studios about the long-developing feature film adaptation of 1940's anti-hero "Namor: The Sub-Mariner", Marvel's First Mutant. Click the images to enlarge..