Sunday, April 22, 2012

"King Conan: The Phoenix On The Sword"

Dark Horse Comics' "King Conan: The Phoenix on The Sword' #4, available April 25, 2012, is written by Tim Truman and illustrated by T. Giorello, with a cover by Andrew Robinson :

"...the 'Rebel Four' spring their trap on 'King Conan', sending assassins to slay the barbarian monarch in his sleep! But after waking from a strange vision, Conan has his back up against a wall and his enemies in front of him -- right where he wants them. 
If these traitors want his crown, they'll have to take it! But even if Conan survives the assassination attempt, the evil wizard 'Thoth-Amon' is back at full power and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and take the throne for himself!

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