Monday, April 30, 2012

"ThunderCats" : Enter 'Cheetara' - May 2012

Cartoon Network has revealed titles and descriptions of  new, animated "ThunderCats" TV episodes airing throughout May 2012 :
"...a sweeping tale combining swords, science and ferocious battles with the highest of stakes, the grand origin story of the ascension of 'Prince Lion-O'  to the throne – and of those who would thwart his destiny at any cost – takes on epic dimensions in this sharp new telling. As the forces of good and evil battle each other in the quest for the fabled 'Stone of Power', Lion-O and his champions learn valuable lessons of loyalty, honor and mortality in every episode..."
Saturday, May 5, in the "Curse of Ratilla", the 'ThunderCats infiltrate a mine shaft filled with fellow cats who are being forced to search for the 'Sword of Plundarr' by the evil 'Ratar-O';
Saturday, May 19, in "The Forever Bag", 'WilyKit', 'WilyKat' and 'Snarf' track down a thief in 'Dog City';
Saturday, May 26, in "Recipe for Disaster", the 'Thundercats' discover a magic elixir that can stop 'Mumm-Ra'.
"ThunderCats" is executive produced by Sam Register ("Teen Titans", "Batman: The Brave and the Bold"), for producers Michael Jelenic ("Wonder Woman") and Ethan Spaulding ("Avatar: The Last Airbender").

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