Sunday, May 13, 2012

'Skrulls' Infiltrate "Marvel: Battle Earth"

According to BigGameHunter.Name, Marvel is teaming up with Montreal-based Ubisoft to develop a "Marvel : Battle for Earth" video game, featuring the shape-shifting, reptilian 'Skrulls'.
The game will be based on Marvel Comics' "Secret Invasion" storyline.
That comic book cross-over story arc, followed the Skrulls as they prepared to invade Earth, with key figures in the Marvel Universe replaced by Skrull sleeper agents. 
" a Skrull invasion is on the horizon, whose seeds were planted during the 'Kree'/Skrull war..." 
"Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth" will be available Fall 2012 for the Xbox 360, Kinect for Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii U system. Click the images to enlarge...