Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Men In Black 3": $200 Million In First Weekend Slick

"Men in Black 3" (aka "MIB3") is director Barry Sonnenfeld's upcoming 3D science fiction comedy feature, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, opening May 25, 2012.
Cast also includes Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson, Al ice Eve and Jemaine Clement, for executive producer Steven Spielberg.
The film is the third installment in the "Men in Black" film series, adapting the Malibu/Marvel comic book series "The Men in Black" by Lowell Cunningham :
"....veteran 'MIB' field agent 'Agent J' learns that the life of 'Agent K' and the fate of Earth are at stake.
" He must time-travel to 1969 to stop an alien criminal named 'Boris' from assassinating a young Agent K (Brolin) and changing history, while also facing a 24-hour time limit before he is trapped in the past..."  Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Men In Black 3"...