Sunday, June 10, 2012

"The Dark Knight Rises": 'Bain' Spoilers

Three new books, "The Dark Knight Rises: The Secret Files Scrapbook", "The Dark Knight Rises: I Am Bane" and "The Dark Knight Rises: Batman Versus Catwoman", have revealed more  "The Dark Knight Rises" movie details about 'Bane' and 'Catwoman'.
"...little is known about 'Bane'. He was born in prison and trained in the darkest forms of deception by the 'League of Shadows', but rumor has it he was cast out due to his extreme behavior. Bane is a ferocious hand-to-hand fighter who is willing to do anything in order to take down his opponents. Bane is in peak physical shape, but he must wear a breathing apparatus that feeds him with pain relieving gas due to an old injury.
"He's never been photographed without his mask and only a handful of people have seen his face.
"While his true motives remain a mystery, he appears to be building an army of followers in the dark tunnels underneath 'Gotham' in order to create his own 'League of Shadows'..."
"'Bane' is a super-villain with a bad attitude. When he decides to take over the 'Gotham City Stock Exchange', the city's in big trouble..."
"'Selina Kyle' is a world-class cat burglar and mistress of disguise. She's cunning and devious, but has a deep sense of honor. As 'Catwoman', she targets the wealthiest of 'Gotham'. Her weapons usually include infrared goggles, bladed high-heel boots, and a belt filled with lock picks..."
"There's a ferocious feline in town, and she's out to steal from Gotham's wealthy citizens. Unfortunately, 'Catwoman' makes a mistake when she visits venerable citizen 'Bruce Wayne' and takes Bruce's prized family heirloom. She thinks she made a clean escape . . . but she doesn't know who she's toying with ...."
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