Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Justice League" Movie: 'Darkseid' and "Apokolips'

According to reports, Warners developing "Justice League" movie, with a screenplay by Wil Beall, could be adapting DC Comics "Justice League Of America" issues #183, #184 and #185, featuring the Jack Kirby-created villain 'Darkseid'.

Published in 1980, the three-issue comic book story arc was written by Gerry Conway, with illustrations by George Perez and covers by Jim Starlin :

"...on their way to their annual joint meeting, held simultaneously on 'Earth-1' and 'Earth-2', several members of the 'Justice League' and 'Justice Society' are abducted via the 'Transmatter' to 'New Genesis', home of the 'New Gods'.

"The New Gods seek assistance after the populace of New Genesis is kidnapped and enslaved by the minions of 'Apokolips', the evil world that is New Genesis's counterpart. The heroes split into teams, composed of one JLA member, one JSA member, and one 'New God' each, only to discover that the ultimate plan is the revival of  'Darkseid'..."

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