Friday, July 12, 2013

Spoilers From "The Walking Dead"- Season 4

Sneak Peek more spoilers from the fourth season of AMC's "The Walking Dead", returning October 13, 2013.

Spoilers include preview footage and the title of the premiere episode, written by new series showrunner Scott M. Gimple.

"30 Days Without an Accident"is the title of the first new episode of the season.

"We are going to amp up the threat of the 'walkers'", said "Walking Dead" producer Gale Anne Hurd, "because they've started to seem like a manageable threat. 

"They are not a manageable threat."

"I think we'll have walkers who are even more ravenous than before. We're in a world where there are fewer people and more walkers, and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw that on-screen this season."

"They’ve introduced a way to make zombies scary again", said actor Norman Reedus, who plays character 'Daryl Dixon. "The new threat is just’s brilliant writing."

"But we have serious weather issues to contend with," said Gale about the show's Atlanta, Georgia location.

"We had one day where there was a torrential downpour and a tree fell on the set, so you just have to roll with stuff like that. 

"Other times, you realize that a character that you thought might live actually has to die".

"What I would say is we look for organic storytelling. So there was a decision this season to introduce 'Michonne' in a really dramatic fashion, and to do that we had to split Laurie Holden’s character off from the group. 

"When that happened we had Michonne and 'Andrea' out in the woods and the story of the 'Governor'. And there was a decision. Michonne left and Andrea stayed. And those consequences pay off over the course of the season."

"I think you’re going to be incredibly surprised where we’ll find everybody this coming season," said Gimple.

"I think we’re gonna do things in a little bit of a different way. And the characters are going to go in different directions. You’re going to be surprised at where they start, and you’re going to be surprised at where they finish..." 

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