Friday, July 12, 2013

The 'Zombies' From "World War Z"

Sneak Peek a new production video revealing how producers were able to film thousands of snarling, swarming 'zombies' alongside actors in the new horror feature "World War Z":

The swarming zombie 'agents', ie digital bots, were programmed by the film's VFX crew to move in an insect-like pattern, similar to ants teeming around an ant-hill, in spectacular sequences that took over 1 year to compose.

"The single hardest thing about that was just making those piles look right without something going wrong,", said Scott Farrar, visual effects supervisor for "World War Z".

"You’re always battling with what looks good and cool in a movie and still feels real."

"This idea of just stumbling around (like 'The Walking Dead' zombies) didn’t make any sense. So we broke with tradition in many ways. We weren’t trying to be like another movie, we were trying to be like, 'What would be real? 

"What would be the science behind it if this were real?' They wouldn’t even put their hands out in front of them; they would dive for the prey with the teeth. They just keep going until they get that bite..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek the making of the "World War Z" zombies.

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