Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Guardians Of The Galaxy": First Look @ 'Star-Lord'

Sneak Peek the first image of actor Chris Pratt as 'Peter Jason Quill' aka 'Star-Lord', screen-captured from a short clip previewed at the recent "D23 Expo", promoting Marvel Studios' currently shooting comic book adaptation "Guardians Of The Galaxy".

As the image shows, anti-hero Quill's 'criminal record' states he was previously charged with "...1 count of fraud, 2 counts assault/drunkeness, and 1 count of a " crime for illegal manipulation of a Gramosian duchess..."

"'Guardians' is about a family coming together," said director James Gunn about his new movie. "It really is about a group of individuals who have acted selfishly and only as individuals, throughout their lives. 

"And they learn something about themselves that makes them heroes.

"'Thanos' is the thing that connects us to the 'Marvel Universe', at this point. In the future, we'll see what happens after that. But right now, we're connected to the rest of the Marvel Universe because of three seconds at the end of 'The Avengers'.

"When I'm doing a movie like 'Guardians', it really is for a much broader audience. It's for everybody. It's a movie we can go see on a Friday night, with everybody else in the city, and really enjoy ourselves in a different type of way...

"With a movie like this, we worked really hard to find the best, whether it was the best actor for each of these roles, which we worked really hard at, but also the best production designer, the best composer and the best costume designer. They all make my job a lot easier on this movie than it's been in movies past."

"All the Marvel movies, thus far, have been received so well because they were such famous comic books", said Pratt. 

""Without blowing too much of his origin, or anything like that, there's a petulance to him. He hasn't really been held accountable, as an adult. He's been able to be free in space and do whatever he's wanted to do. That's really fun because it means that he's slept with all these super weird aliens. That's my favorite weird element of the character. It's just very wonderful..."

"I play 'Gamora', " said "Star Trek" actress Zoe Saldana. "The weirdest thing about her is that she turns green when she blushes, she turns green when she's mad, and she turns green when she's turned on. 

"And what's wonderful is that she has grown up in an environment that has misrepresented how she truly feels inside and she's gonna discover that, hopefully...This is sort of like the anti-hero, hero movie. When you meet these characters, they're thieves, they're rebels and they're assassins, but they're gonna be learning very big lessons."

"There's a lot of me in 'Yondu'", said actor Michael Rooker, who recently played 'Merle' on AMC's "The Walking Dead". "When I first read the script, I noticed right away that there are some aspects of Yondu's existence within this universe of ours that were very, very close to me. For example, the tough love that I have towards some of the other cast members. I'm very much like that in my life, as well..."

"I play 'Korath'", said actor Djimon Hounsou, "who is a humanoid...I'm extremely excited to be a part of the Marvel Universe, so I can provide a diverse outlook of superheroes or bad guys in those stories. It's important for us to be part of that, and specifically for me. That was my in ticket to the Marvel world, and I'm excited."

"I play 'Ronan the Accuser'," said actor Lee Pace, "a character that's been around since 1967, when he first walked into 'Fantastic Four'. So, there's a lot of incredible story that I've gotten to research. If you call reading comic books research, I guess I've been doing my job. 

"There's a core to him where you can find something that you can understand. I don't know. He's pretty bad, though. It's the early days, so I'm just putting the first wall up and we'll start there."

"I play 'Drax the Destroyer'," said WWE superstar, champion body builder Dave Bautista, "who is also a pretty bad dude. Drax is full of rage and he's full of honor and he's very literal. I think the best thing about Drax is that he's hysterical without meaning to be."

"I play 'Nebula'," said actress Karen Gillan, "and she looks pretty weird. One of the most interesting things about the character, for me, is her very strange and complex relationship to Gamora.

"I play 'The Collector'," said actor Benicio Del Toro ("Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas"). "He collects 'things', like I do. I think it's pretty cool that he's got his own personal zoo."

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