Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Arrow: Blood Rush"- Episode #3

Sneak Peek Episode # 3 of The CW's official "Arrow" spinoff series "Blood Rush", plus the first two episodes,  presented by Bose Corporation, starring Emily Bett Rickards, Colton Haynes and Paul Blackthorne reprising their "Arrow" roles of 'Felicity', 'Roy' and 'Quentin Lance':

"...'Roy' comes to 'Queen Consolidate' to have a meeting with 'Oliver'. 'Felicity' tells him to wait in the lobby. 

"As he leaves, 'Detective Lance' calls Felicity, telling her that the blood sample the 'Starling City' police found on the vigilante, which Felicity destroyed, has resurfaced. 

"Felicity then calls Roy, using Oliver's voice encoder, asking him to breaking into the lab to retrieve the sample.

"Then 'Quentin Lance' calls Felicity to tell her that a blood sample taken last year from 'The Hood' will be processed at a crime lab in hopes of identifying the vigilante. 

"Felicity, who thought she had destroyed it, calls down to 'Harper', telling him (using a voice modulator like the one Oliver uses when he talks to Roy) that he needs to break into the hospital and steal the sample. She tells him she’ll get him through security..."

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