Saturday, December 21, 2013

Spoilers From "Teen Wolf" - Season 3

Sneak Peek more new spoiler footage from MTV's "Teen Wolf", Season 3 (B), returning January 6, 2014, with the episode "Anchors":

Created by writer Jeff Davis for MTV, the series is based on the 1985 feature of the same name, focusing on 'Scott McCall' (Tyler Posey), a high school student and social outcast who is bitten by a werewolf while looking for a missing girl in the woods. 

Scott attempts to maintain a normal life, keeping the fact of his being a werewolf secret from everyone, with the exception of his best friend 'Stiles Stilinski' (Dylan O'Brien) and another 'mysterious' werewolf, 'Derek Hale' (Tyler Hoechlin).

Season 3B will show 'Isaac' (Daniel Sharman) and 'Allison' (Crystal Reed) taking their relationship to the next level.

"They’re going to be feeling it out for a few episodes,", said Davis about the new season. "In high school, you do have different kinds of relationships … but the constant is your friends, and 'Scott' will always have 'Stiles'...Scott is single, but he’s still got his friends and the people he loves are still in his life, it’s just in a different way now..."

'Lydia' (Holland Roden) will hone her banshee skills in the second half of season three, also spending more time with 'Peter'.

"You’re going to find out a lot of secrets about their relationship", said Davis. "What Peter's bite actually meant for Lydia, and how they’re connected...There’s a lot left to explore there. … Right now, we’re breaking an episode that deals with their relationship head on..."

"...there are some new monsters coming into the fold of 'Beacon Hills'..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Teen Wolf" Season 3B: