Thursday, November 6, 2014

"Coherence" On DVD/VOD/EST

From D Films, Sneak Peek director/cinematographer James Ward Byrkit's impressive, "Twilight Zone"-inspired debut science fiction thriller "Coherence", now available on DVD/VOD/EST:

"Coherence" is based on 'quantum mechanics', referring to a quantum state, where different versions of reality can still interchange with each other.

Director Byrkit did have a specific idea for the film, but cast improvisational actors, giving them the basic outline of their characters, motivations and major plot points:

"...'Emily' (Baldoni) and her boyfriend 'Kevin' (Maury Sterling) are two of several people attending a dinner party at the house of 'Mike' (Nicholas Brendon). 

"Kevin's ex-girlfriend' 'Laurie' (Lauren Maher) will be there, making things tense for both Kevin and Emily.

"The dinner party goes fairly well until the power goes out following a comet sighting. They discover that a house down the road still has power and a few of them decide to investigate.

"Several strange and bizarre occurrences follow, leading them to some startling conclusions..."

Cast also includes Elizabeth Gracen as 'Beth', Alex Manugian as 'Amir', Hugo Armstrong as 'Hugh' and Lorene Scafaria as 'Lee'.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Coherence"...