Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Among Us Hide The "Inhumans"

As Marvel has confirmed that ''Scarlet Witch' and her twin brother 'Quicksilver' are not 'mutants' but 'Inhumans', take another look @ the origins of Marvel Comics' "Inhumans", soon to be a Marvel Studios feature connecting with the rest of the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe':

The "Inhumans", created by writer Stan Lee and illustrator/co-plotter Jack Kirby, debuted in Marvel's "Fantastic Four" #45 (December 1965). 

Millions of years ago, at the beginning of the alien 'Kree'-'Skrull' war, the Kree set up an observation station on the planet Uranus, to observe sentient life on Earth that had genetic potential. 

The Kree then began to experiment on homo sapiens by splicing 'Eternals' DNA into 'Cro-Magnons', to circumvent their own evolutionary stagnation, while creating a powerful strain of soldiers for protection against the Skrulls.

Their test subjects, known as the 'Inhumans', formed their own society, thriving in seclusion from the rest of humanity, developing their own advanced technology, including the mutagenic 'Terrigen Mist' which gave them superpowers.

Once led by the dethroned 'Unspoken',  the Inhumans king is the mute noble 'Black Bolt'.

His royal family includes 'Medusa', 'Karnak', 'Gorgon', 'Triton', 'Crystal', 'Maximus the Mad' and the canine 'Lockjaw'.

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