Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Star Wars Rebels: Fire Across The Galaxy" - Season Finale

Sneak Peek footage from the Season 1 finale of the CGI TV series "Star Wars Rebels" and the episode titled "Fire Across The Galaxy", airing March 2, 2015 on Disney XD:

" the season finale 'Fire Across The Galaxy', the rebels must infiltrate the heart of an 'Imperial' fleet to rescue 'Kanan', leading to an epic battle between Kanan, 'Ezra' and the 'Inquisitor', resulting in the destruction of the 'Tarkin' flagship.

"Consequently, Imperial security on 'Lothal' is strengthened, making their missions even more difficult in the future.

"Then 'Hera' calls in help. But so does the 'Empire'..."

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