Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Deadpool" vs 'Ajax'

Sneak Peek the origins of Marvel Comics' super-villain 'Ajax', on the news that he appears in the currently shooting "Deadpool" feature, played by actor Ed Skrein ("Game Of Thrones"):

Ajax debuted in Marvel's "Deadpool" #14 (March, 1998), created by writer Joe Kelly and illustrator Walter McDaniel, as the former enforcer @ the 'Workshop', part of a Hospice for failed supersoldiers of the 'Weapon X Project', including 'Wade Wilson' aka 'Deadpool'.

After being modified Francis possessed enhanced strength, intuitive capacity, and after receiving implants, super speed and agility. His nerves were also removed to dramatically increase his tolerance for pain.

Using the codename 'Ajax', Francis eventually hunted down and killed many of the surviving members from the Weapon X project, specifically targeting the wise-cracking Deadpool.

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