Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Marvel's Female 'Thor' Revealed

Marvel has now officially confirmed the identity of their female 'Thor', worthy enough to wield  the magic hammer 'Mjolnir', according to story writer Jason Aaron:

"...Marvel Comics' 'Thor' #8 will feature 'Jane Foster', the former human love of the god of thunder as the new god of thunder..."

In the comics, Foster is battling a debilitating disease, reverting back to her weakened, mortal form whenever she releases her grip on the hammer.

"Jane Foster has been part of 'Thor' comics and the Thor mythology from almost the very beginning," said Aaron. 

"The very act of picking up this hammer, of becoming Thor, is killing her. Where we go from here is the real story."

Will Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman who plays Jane Foster in the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe', play the character in the next "Thor" movie "Thor Ragnarok" ?

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