Monday, June 22, 2015

"Hawkgirl" Flying With Solo Series

According to new reports, The CW is developing a live-action "Hawkgirl"solo TV series, starring Ciara Renée as the DC Comics' superhero:

Renée's portrayal of the character in  the 2016 "Legends Of Tomorrow" TV series, marks the character's first film appearance, 75 years after her comic debut.

Created by writer Gardner Fox and illustrator Dennis Neville, 'Hawkgirl' debuted in Flash Comics #1 (Jan. 1940).

In the original story, archaeologist 'Carter Hall' has a dream he is the ancient Egyptian prince 'Khufu', who has a lover named 'Shiera'. 

The next day, Carter meets a woman named Shiera who looks exactly like the woman in his dream. Carter dons the identity of Hawkman and Shiera becomes Carter's girlfriend. 

Hawkgirl owes her powers to a belt of 'Nth' metal, a substance native to the planet 'Thanagar'. The metal is psycho-reactive, responding to its bearer's thoughts and in its base form has a number of electromagnetic/gravitational properties, granting the power of flight, superhuman strength, super-acute vision and enhanced healing/regeneration ability.

Hawkgirl's preferred weapons are a spear or mace, but is also depicted using swords, axes, warhammers, shields and other melee weapons. 

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