Sunday, December 20, 2015

Me Am 'Bizarro'

DC Comics anti-hero 'Bizarro' waiting patiently on the sidelines for his live-action moment in the spotlight, will now appear in the CBS TV series "Supergirl", according to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg :

'Bizarro'  was created by writer Otto Binder and illustrator George Papp as a 'mirror image' of Superman debuting in "Superboy" #68 (1958). 

Since then, Bizarro has appeared as an antagonist to Superman.

His origins started with a scientist demonstrating a newly invented 'duplicating ray' to Superboy...

...but an accident causes the ray to duplicate the teen hero, as a flawed imitation with chalky white skin and childlike erratic behavior.

Bizarro is depicted as having all the abilities of Superman...

...although in some incarnations several of these traits have been reversed.

These powers include 'freeze vision' instead of 'heat vision', 'flame breath' instead of 'freeze breath', 'vacuum breath' instead of 'super breath', etc.

In addition to Bizarro's appearance in the "Supergirl" TV series, a stand-alone "Bizarro" feature film is also being developed by writers Dean Parisot and Robert Gordon.

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