Friday, March 11, 2016

"Legends Of Tomorrow: Left Behind"

Take a look @ extended footage, plus images from the "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" episode, "Left Behind", written by Beth Schwartz, Grainne Godfree and directed by John Showalter, airing March 31, 2016 on The CW. Also Sneak Peek a new producer's sizzle reel' supporting the series :

"...'Ray' (Brandon Routh), 'Sara' (Caity Lotz) and 'Kendra' (Ciara Renée) are shocked after they watch the 'Waverider' fly off, leaving them stranded in the 1950s.

"After waiting months for their teammates to come back, the three realize they must move on with their lives.

"Ray and Kendra bond as a couple but Sara decides to return to the 'League of Assassins' and 'Ra's al Ghul' (Matt Nable).

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Legends Of Tomorrow: Left Behind"...