Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"Young Justice" Character For "Arrow"

According to VancouverFilm.Net, a popular DC Comics character from the animated TV series "Young Justice", will appear in Season Five of "Arrow", debuting October 5, 2016 on The CW:

Actress Madison McLaughlin ("Chicago P.D.") will return to The CW's "Arrow" as 'Evelyn Sharp', to play young female archer 'Artemis'.

In "Young Justice", 'Artemis' is a master archer and protégé of 'Green Arrow', the daughter of 'Sportsmaster' and the female super-villain 'Huntress'.

"...'Artemis' left the hero life behind with her boyfriend 'Wally West', but returned for an undercover mission. 

"After staging her death, she joined 'Aqualad' as his trusted lieutenant 'Tigress'...

"...retaining that name when she returned to the 'Young Justice Team' after Wally's death..."

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