Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jared Leto- The 'Joker' Goes Wild

According to reports, Oscar winner Jared Leto, who plays degenerate 'Joker' in director David Ayer's 3D, comic book adaptation "Suicide Squad", is disappointed by the critical reaction the film has received in some quarters, yet looking forward to further develop his take on 'the clown prince of crime' in more DC Universe films:

Leto scarily stayed in character as the evil 'Joker' , throughout the film's entire Toronto shoot.

"I never actually met Jared Leto," said co-star Will Smith who plays 'Deadshot' in the film.

"We worked together for six months and we’ve never exchanged a word...Never said ‘Hello’ or ‘Good Day.’ I’ve only ever spoken to him with me as 'Deadshot' and him as the 'Joker'. I literally have not met him yet...He was all in on the Joker."

 "A lot of it has to do with creating a character with some kind of history and footprint in our world," said director David Ayer. "And not have this sacrosanct being outside of our continuum, our reality. If a guy like him really existed today, where would he come from? How would he do business? Who would he know? What would he look like? In my mind, I took a lot of inspiration from drug lords on Instagram. It’s a great way to understand the lifestyle of a villain."

"I was sort of afraid to approach him," said co-star Scott Eastwood, "because I didn’t want to mess with his thing going on...But I knew him before. I met him before he was the 'Joker'."

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