Friday, September 2, 2016

More Images From "Thor: Ragnarok"

Sneak Peek new images of 'Thor'. 'Loki' and 'Odin' from the set of Marvel Studios' "Thor: Ragnarok":

'Ragnarok', created by writer Mark Millar of "Kick-Ass" fame, debuted in Marvel Comics' "Civil War" #3 (July 2006) as a 'cyborg clone' of Thor.

"...when 'Thor' was missing in action, presumed dead, 'Tony Stark' kept one of his hairs, retained from the first meeting of the 'Avengers' , cloning 'Asgardian' DNA with Stark technology. 

This resulted in the creation of a new, cyborg Thor.

Reportedly elements of "Planet Hulk" the Marvel Comics' storyline by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan will be part of the new film. 

" 'Planet Hulk', Tony Stark hatches a plot to get 'Hulk' off the Earth, as 'Iron Man' is worried about Hulk running amok and losing control.

"After plotting with 'Nick Fury' to subdue the Hulk, Iron Man places him in a spaceship charted for an uninhabited planet.

"When he awakens on board the shuttle realizing he had been abducted, the Hulk goes into a fit of rage and breaks his restraints, causing enough damage for the craft to veer off course.

"Trapped in a wormhole, the shuttle crashes onto the world of 'Sakaar'.

"Hulk quickly finds himself imprisoned along with 'Hiroim', 'Korg', 'Miek', 'Elloe Kaifi' and the android 'Lavin Skee, all forced to fight for freedom in arena gladiator combat..."

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