Sunday, May 14, 2017

"X-Men: Gambit" Movie Updates

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner confirms the Fox "X-Men" movie spin-off "Gambit" is moving forward with actor Channing Tatum locked in to play Marvel Comics mutant superhero:

"I think the truth is when you have these movies that need a very special and unique tone, it takes a little while to find that tone," said "Gambit" co-producer Simon Kinberg. 

"'Deadpool' feels like it exploded out of nowhere but it was a ten-year development process on that movie. I think it was honed over those ten years. I hope that 'Gambit' doesn’t take ten years but it takes a little honing to get that tone and that voice exactly right. 

"The character has such a specific voice in the comic in the same way that Deadpool has a specific voice in the comic, that we want to make sure that we capture that voice on the page. 

"Really it’s just about getting a screenplay that is worthy of that character and I think we’re really close right now."

Created by writer Chris Claremont and illustrator Jim Lee, 'Gambit' debuted in Marvel's "Uncanny X-Men Annual" #14 (1990), followed by "Uncanny X-Men" #266 (1990).

His powers include the ability to mentally create, control and manipulate kinetic energy.

Gambit is also skilled in card-throwing, hand-to-hand combat and the use of a bō.

Originally a professional thief, Gambit has shown a more vulnerable side of himself in his relationship with the mutant 'Rogue'. Proud of his deep south, Louisiana heritage, he speaks in a thick Cajun accent.

Though he did not appear in the first three original "X-Men" films, Gambit appeared on screen in the 2009 feature "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", portrayed by Taylor Kitsch.

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