Thursday, September 14, 2017

"Krypton" TV Series Updates

Take another look @ footage from "Krypton", the TV series developed by David S. Goyer ("The Dark Knight") and Damian Kindler, set on the home planet of 'Superman', 200 years before the feature "Man of Steel", on the news that DC Comics' 'Adam Strange' will be a regular character on the series:

Adam Strange, created by editor Julius Schwartz and illustrator Murphy Anderson, debuted in DC Comics' "Showcase" #17 (November 1958).

"...Strange is an archeologist suddenly teleported from Peru to the planet 'Rann' through a 'Zeta-Beam'.

"Upon his arrival, he is attacked by one of the planet's predators and rescued by a woman called 'Alanna'. 

"She takes him to her father 'Sardath' who explains that the Zeta-Beam was transmitted at Earth in the hopes that whatever form of intelligent life lived there would trace it back to Rann...

"...theorizing that in the 4.3 years it takes the Zeta-Beam to reach earth, it was altered by space radiation into a transportation beam. 

"Called on to protect the planet from extraterrestrial threats using Rann's technology, Strange grew to care for the planet and its inhabitants, especially Alanna. 

"Eventually, the effects of the beam wore off, automatically returning Strange to Earth at the exact point of departure...

"...but not before Sardath had given him a schedule of beam firings allowing him to periodically return to the planet. 

"Using mathematical calculations, he was able to determine the exact time and the precise locations at which the Zeta-Beams would arrive, traveling the world and intercepting them, to be with Alanna..."

"...'Krypton' follows the grandfather of 'Superman', whose 'House of El' was ostracized and shamed – as he fights to redeem his family's honor and save his beloved world from chaos..."

"Krypton" cast includes Cameron Cuffe as 'Seg-El', Georgina Campbell as 'Lyta Zod', Ian McElhinney as 'Val-El', Elliot Cowan as 'Daron-Vex', Ann Ogbomo as 'Alura Zod', Rasmus Hardiker as 'Kem', Wallis Day as 'Nyssa-Vex' and Aaron Pierre as 'Dev-Em'.

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