Monday, September 25, 2017

Tarantino: "Yesterday's Enterprise"

Writer/director Quentin Tarantino is a big fan of the "Star Trek The Next Generation" TV episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" (1990), considering it to be the best of all the "Star Trek" stories set in the 24th century, adding to recent reports Tarantino would be interested in directing a galactic police space opera:

" 'Yesterday's Enterprise', the starship 'Enterprise NCC-1701-D' encounters a rift in spacetime while on a routine mission. As they monitor the anomaly, the heavily damaged 'USS Enterprise-C', a ship believed to have been destroyed more than two decades earlier, emerges. 

"Instantly, the 'Enterprise-D' undergoes a sudden, bizarre and radical change from its current timeline: it is now a warship, and the 'United Federation of Planets' is at war with the 'Klingons'.

"'Tasha Yar' – who was killed years before – is now running the tactical station. 

"None of the crew notice the change, but 'Guinan' senses reality has shifted and has a meeting with 'Captain Picard' to discuss her concerns. 

"She suggests the Enterprise-C does not belong in their time and must return to the past. 

"Picard, who feels this would be a suicide mission, refuses to give such an order on Guinan's intuition alone.

"'Captain Rachel Garrett' of the Enterprise-C and her crew learn they have traveled into the future. Garrett says they were responding to a distress call from the Klingon outpost on 'Narendra III' and were attacked by 'Romulan' starships.

"While his crew works to repair the Enterprise-C and tend to the crew's injuries, Picard and his command staff discuss whether or not the ship should return to the past. 'Commander Riker' argues their deaths would be meaningless...

"...but 'Data' suggests it would be considered an honorable act by the Klingons. Picard discusses the situation with Garrett, who tells him her crew will serve the Federation in the present.

"Picard confides to her the Federation is on the verge of defeat and the presence of one ship will make no difference, but if the Enterprise-C were to return to the past they might prevent the war from ever starting. Garrett agrees and announces to her crew they will return through the anomaly. 

"But at that moment, the two ships are ambushed by a 'Klingon Bird of Prey' and Garrett is killed, with her helmsman, 'Richard Castillo', taking command.

"During ship repair efforts, Yar becomes close to Castillo...

"...but is unnerved by interactions with Guinan. Guinan reveals to Yar she knows Yar dies a meaningless death in the other timeline and that the two should never have met. Based on her discussion with Guinan, Yar requests a transfer to the Enterprise-C, which is granted by Picard.

"As the Enterprise-C prepares to return through the anomaly, three Klingon battlecruisers attack. With the anomaly becoming unstable, Picard orders the Enterprise-D to cover the Enterprise-C's withdrawal. 

"The Enterprise-D suffers major crew losses under the Klingon barrage...

"...including the death of Commander Riker, forcing Picard to man the tactical station himself. 

"With the Enterprise-D on the brink of destruction, the Enterprise-C traverses the anomaly, triggering the return of Enterprise-D's original timeline. 

"In the restored timeline, Guinan  is the only one subtly aware of what has transpired..."

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