Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"Phoenix: Resurrection"

Take a look @ a new teaser trailer, plus cover images from Marvel's "Phoenix: Resurrection", in support of the feature "X-Men: Dark Phoenix", written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Leinil Yu, Carlos Pacheco, Joe Bennett, Ramon Rosanas and Khoi Pham, available December 2018:

In "Phoenix Resurrection: The Return Of Jean Grey #1, "...she will return, like a 'Phoenix' from the ashes. Years ago, 'Jean Grey' died and the 'X-Men' mourned her. Since then, the world has changed, her teammates have lived without her and died without her. And now, when strange events start happening all over the world, those teammates can only come to one conclusion – the one true Jean Grey is back!

In #2, "...a light in the darkness is not always welcome. 'Kitty Pryde', 'Old Man Logan' and 'Cyclops' are leading teams of X-Men all across the globe, chasing events connected to the Phoenix. But with teammates disappearing and familiar enemies returning, the X-Men are fighting a losing battle.

In #3, "...'Beast' doesn't know how or what shape it will take, but he knows they are running out of time before the Phoenix makes its true presence known.

In #4, "...a young woman named Jean is starting to go insane in her peaceful, suburban life. Nightmares and daydreams are spilling over into the world and revealing cracks in her reality. Jean's life and everything in it may just be a facade, but made by who? And why? Jean needs to escape.

In #5, "...the X-Men need to stop the cycle of death the Phoenix brings. Their worlds will violently collide as Jean searches for an opening and the X-Men fight for closure. But when they are brought together, will the X-Men be reunited with their long-lost teammate – or something darker?

According to director Simon Kinberg, principal photography has wrapped on "X-Men: Dark Phoenix"", based on the Marvel Comics characters, starring Michael Fassbender, Jessica Chastain, Sophie Turner and James McAvoy, opening November 2, 2018:

" "X-Men: Dark Phoenix"...

"...returning from a mission in space, 'Jean Grey' is exposed to the deadly radiation of a solar flare and briefly attains her 'ultimate potential' as a telepath and telekinetic.

"Jean becomes a being of pure thought, and then reforms herself upon return to Earth with the new costume, identity and power of 'Phoenix'..."

The "X-Men: Dark Phoenix Premium Format Figure" statue...

...adapts Marvel Comics' the "Dark Phoenix Saga". 

" one can control the power of the 'Phoenix'! Overcome by her own vast potential and corrupted beyond recognition, 'Jean Grey' transforms into one of the all-time most powerful threats – the 'Dark Phoenix'! 

"Elevated to a near godlike status, the beautiful mutant hovers deftly over a blazing manifestation of the birdlike entity that has possessed her.

"Clad in her new magnificent red and gold costume and charged by pure cosmic energy, her hair floats gracefully upward to frame her face in a moment of both calm and fury. Consumed by a cataclysmic appetite for destruction, the Dark Phoenix sets her sights on a new galaxy to devour..."

Statue design artists include Ian MacDonald, Kris Anka, Keith Kopinski and Jean-Paul Mavinga, with sculpting by Joe Jung and Will Harbottle, hand-painted by Kat Sapene.

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