Thursday, December 14, 2017

"Star Wars: Rogue One" Graphic Novel

IDW Publishing's "Star Wars: Rogue One", the official graphic novel adapting the feature, is written by Alessandro Ferrari, with a cover by Eric Jones:

"...the 'Death Star', ultimate weapon of the 'Empire' is nearing completion and the 'Rebel Alliance' may be doomed. Enter 'Jyn Erso', daughter of the Death Star's reluctant creator, who seeks to save her father from 'Imperial' control.

"On her quest, she'll join forces with 'Rebel' spy 'Cassian Andor', reprogrammed Imperial droid 'K-2SO' and other supporters of the Rebel cause, only to discover that their goals may differ crucially from her own.

"It all culminates in a saga-defining showdown on the tropical planet 'Scarif', with Jyn and her friends attempting to steal the Death Star's plans and keep hope for the 'Rebellion' alive, leading directly into the opening scene of 'Star Wars: A New Hope'...."

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