Friday, December 29, 2017

"Wonder Woman 2" - Enter 'Circe'

According to reports, one of the main female villains in the developing sequel "Wonder Woman 2", will be 'Circe', a 'sorceress' that debuted in "Wonder Woman" #37 (1949), created by writer Robert Kanigher and illustrator Harry G. Peter:

In the original DC Comics continuity, Circe is a centuries-old enchantress kept young by the elixir 'vitae'. 

Gaining magical powers on the island 'Aeaea', she becomes skilled at turning men into animals resembling their personalities (ie. pigs) ...

...and for these crimes against humanity 'Hippolyta' banishes her to 'Sorca', an island planet in space "...where she can do no harm."

When she manages to return to Earth, Circe tries to destroy Wonder Woman, because an oracle said "...the daughter of Hippolyta will be her undoing." 

Despite various comic book interpretations over the years, Circe's key features include immortality, physical beauty, a command over sorcery and a delight in humiliating her foes.

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