Friday, December 8, 2017

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix: - Enter Jessica Chastain

According to reports, actress Jessica Chastain plays Marvel Comics' shape-shifting alien villain 'Queen Veranke' of the 'Skrulls', in the upcoming Fox feature "X-Men: Dark Phoenix":

Veranke, queen of the 'Skrull' empire in the 'Marvel Universe' debuted as a cloaked figure in Marvel Comics' "Secret Invasion" #1, followed by Marvel's "New Avengers" #40.

" all 'Skrulls' of 'Deviant' heritage, 'Veranke' is capable of shape-shifting her form into whatever she chooses, including humanoid, non-humanoid and inorganic. 

"Her shape-shifting abilities also allow her to form weapons such as blades on her body. 

"She also has immunity to all poisons and drugs, while totally immune to radiation..."

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