Monday, January 29, 2018

"The Originals" - Final Season

Take a look at footage from the fifth and final Season of "The Vampire Diaries' TV spin-off "The Originals", following 'vampire'-'werewolf' hybrid 'Klaus Mikaelson', premiering April 20, 2018 on The CW:

"...'The Originals' focuses on the 'Mikaelson' siblings, 'Klaus' (Joseph Morgan), 'Elijah' (Daniel Gillies) and 'Rebekah' (Claire Holt). The werewolf 'Hayley' (Phoebe Tonkin) is pregnant with Klaus' child.

"The original siblings return to New Orleans for the first time since 1919. Having originally built the city, they had been forced to flee from their vengeful father. In their absence, Klaus' protégé, 'Marcel' (Charles Michael Davis), took charge of the city. 

"Klaus resolves that they must take down Marcel and get back the city that once belonged to them. While doing that they must also protect their city from a war brewing between 'vampires', 'werewolves' and 'witches'.

"The first season shows how Klaus' mystical child is going to be born and speaks of the threats the family must keep away from her. 

"The second season deals with the return of Klaus' parents and arrival of an aunt who threatens the baby's life. 

"The third season shows the Mikaelsons facing a prophecy that speaks of their downfall by the first sired vampires who've wanted revenge for a millennium. 

"The fourth season jumps ahead five years, with a ruthless menace set on destroying anything in its path, with 'Vincent' (Yusuf Gatewood) defeating the 'Hollow' by placing part of it in each one of the 'Mikaelsons', forcing them to scatter and never see each other again. 

"Season 5 picks up eight years later during 'Mardi Gras', with Klaus and Caroline spending more time together. Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) haven’t forgotten how much they love each other. 

"'Alaric' (Matt Davis) returns, as well as 'Kol' (Nathaniel Buzolic) and 'Davina' (Danielle Campbell), with Hayley and Hope's dynamic just like every other mother-teenaged daughter relationship..."

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