Thursday, September 20, 2018

"Spider-Man: Far From Home" - The 'Molten Man'

In addition to 'Mysterio' "Spider-Man: Far From Home" will also feature Marvel Comics super-villain 'Mark Raxton', aka 'Molten Man', created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, debuting in Marvel's "The Amazing Spider-Man" #28 (September 1965):

"...the original 'Molten Man' aka 'Mark Raxton', worked at 'Oscorp Industries', as lab assistant to 'Dr. Spencer Smythe', creator of the 'Spider-Slayers'. Raxton and Smythe developed an experimental metallic alloy for the Spider-Slayers from a radioactive meteor, but Raxton attempted to steal it and sell it for his own profit.

"In the ensuing fight with Smythe in the laboratory, Raxton spilled the liquid alloy all over himself. Fearing for his life, Raxton ran for the nearest hospital, only to discover the alloy had changed him for the better when he angrily punched an irate motorist's hood. 

"Realizing the great potential his new abilities afforded him, Raxton, now calling himself the 'Molten Man', turned to crime to further his monetary gains. 

But his body began to give off an intense heat, consuming itself. His metal skin became molten, and he stole meteor fragments from a museum to attempt a cure. An encounter with Spider-Man resulted in his submergence in the polluted East River, which temporarily reversed the deterioration..."

Molten Man possesses superhuman strength and his skin is composed of a frictionless metal that grants him resistance to physical injury. Raxton's metallic fingers are sensitive enough to pick locks, with his skin so slick he cannot be restrained with Spider-Man's webbing. His skin can also generate intense heat, burning anybody who tries to touch him and shooting flaming projectiles at his foes.

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