Friday, November 20, 2020

"The Last Of Us" on HBO Max

 HBO has given a series order to a live-action episodic TV series adaptation of the 2013 action-adventure survival horror game "The Last of Us", in a co-production between game creator Neil Druckmann and Sony Pictures Television in association with PlayStation Productions, Word Games and Naughty Dog:

"....In 2013, an outbreak of a mutant 'Cordyceps' fungus ravages the country transforming its human hosts into aggressive creatures known as the 'Infected'. In the suburbs of Austin, Texas, 'Joel' flees the chaos with his brother 'Tommy' and daughter 'Sarah'. As they flee, Sarah is shot by a soldier and dies in Joel's arms.

"Twenty years later, civilization has been decimated by the infection. Survivors live in heavily policed quarantine zones, independent settlements and nomadic groups. Joel works as a smuggler with his partner 'Tess' in the quarantine zone in the 'North End of Boston', Massachusetts. 

"They hunt down 'Robert', a black-market dealer, to recover a stolen weapons cache. Before Tess kills him, Robert reveals that he traded the cache with the 'Fireflies', a rebel militia opposing the quarantine zone authorities. The leader of the Fireflies, 'Marlene' promises to double their cache in return for smuggling a teenage girl, 'Ellie' to Fireflies hiding in the 'Massachusetts State House' outside the quarantine zone.

"Joel, Tess, and Ellie sneak out in the night, but after an encounter with a government patrol, they discover Ellie is infected. Full infection normally occurs in under two days, but Ellie claims she was infected three weeks earlier and that her immunity may lead to a cure. The trio make their way to their destination through hordes of the infected, but find that the Fireflies there have been killed. Tess reveals she has been bitten by an infected and, believing in Ellie's importance, sacrifices herself against pursuing soldiers so Joel and Ellie can escape..."

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