Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Kiss of the "Spider-Woman"

"Tron: Legacy" actress Olivia Wilde will direct Marvel Studios' "Spider-Woman" feature for Sony Pictures, focusing on the origins of Marvel Comics' 'Jessica Drew': 

"...'Jessica Drew' was bitten by a venomous spider as a child. Her father saved her life by injecting her with an experimental 'spider serum' which also granted her superhuman powers. 

"As an adult, Jessica is editor of 'Justice Magazine', alongside 'Jeff Hunt' and Jessica's teenage nephew 'Billy'. When trouble arises, Jessica slips away to change into her secret identity of 'Spider-Woman'.'

"Spider-Woman retains the ability to fire bursts of energy from her hands called 'venom blasts'. A clairvoyant 'spider-sense' allows her to see dangers as they happen. 

"No matter where she is, she can close her eyes and see the event. She can also project spider-like 'weblines' from the palms of her hands or an individual finger. 

"She also has the ability to change into costume by spinning around.

"...as well as flying at will..."

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