Friday, August 6, 2021

"Amphibia" Croaks

"Amphibia", the animated TV series created by Matt Braly starring Brenda Song, Anna Akana, Justin Felbinger, Bill Farmer and Amanda Leighton, will premiere Season Three October 2, 2021 on Disney Channel:

"...'Anne Boonchuy' (Song), after stealing a mysterious music box on her birthday, is separated from her friends 'Sasha Waybright' (Akana) and 'Marcy Wu' (Haley Tju), then magically transported to the world of 'Amphibia,' a wild marshland tropical island full of anthropomorphic amphibians and threatening creatures. Anne is taken in by the 'Plantars', a family of frogs living in the town of 'Wartwood.

"As she bonds with her newfound family, Anne gradually learns what it means to be a hero and develop a true friendship, all the while trying to find her friends and return home..."

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