Sunday, July 31, 2022

"Robotic Animal Warrior"

McFarlane Films will partner with Warner Bros. Discovery's Rooster Teeth Studios, to develop an adult animated TV series based on the popular McFarlane Toys “RAW10” (‘Robotic Animal Warrior’) action figure series of cybernetically enhanced animals including 'Battlesnake', 'Hoof', 'Terror-Don' and 'Cy-Gor':

"...'Battlesnake' is the product of mad science. Fusing reptile DNA with radical cyber-technology and self-powered ‘Ion Core Energy’ systems, the engineers in the top-secret RAW labs created a true monster. 

"Possessing genius-level intelligence and futuristic combat programming, Battlesnake can hypnotize his prey before striking with his piercing ‘techno fangs’. His super-steel underbelly and reinforced hood protect him from attacks, and his sinister mind makes him a threat to all living things.

"'Hoof' was one of the first attempts from the RAW Labs to combine pure animalistic power with advanced cybernetic enhancements. The outcome created a near-uncontrollable beast! With unmatched savageness, Hoof stalks the open plains in search of a worthy opponent. He has yet to find one…

"Using unknown DNA scavenged from a mysterious forgotten island, 'Terror-Don' was cloned in a 'Thermal-Incubation Chamber'. He was then outfitted with the latest cutting-edge 'Combat Enhancements' including his laser forged 'Hatchet-Tail'. 

"He was raised on a diet of raw meat and 'VR Combat' simulations. Whether on the ground or in the air, Terror-Don is the 'Ultimate Predator'."

"'CY-GOR' is the pinnacle of  RAW Lab science. He is the perfect combination of beast and machine. Designed as a test subject for RAW’s newest cybernetic enhancements, CY-GOR exceeded his potential to become RAW’s greatest success.

His brute strength is augmented with metallic muscles and his intellect, instincts and reflexes are perfectly-tuned with his built-in combat matrix. He was created to be a next-gen warrior. Now, the perfect weapon is on the loose and out of control." 

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