Monday, October 3, 2011

TV Resurrection For "Universal Soldier"

FremantleMedia report they have acquired rights to Tri-Star's "Universal Soldier" movie franchise, rebooting it as a new television property, to be produced by FremantleMedia North America.

The original 1992 feature, directed by Roland Emmerich ("2012") starred actors Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren as soldiers who wind up killing each other in Vietnam, then resurrected in a secret Army project along with a large group of other previously dead soldiers:

"...n 1969, during the Vietnam War, an American military squad receives orders to secure a village against North Vietnamese forces. 'Private Luc Devereaux' (Van Damme) discovers members of his squad and various villagers dead and mutilated.

"The culprit behind the atrocities is leading officer 'Sergeant Andrew Scott' (Lundgren), who has gone insane.

"Deveraux finds Scott holding a young boy and girl hostage. Devereaux, tries to reason with Scott, but Scott becomes infuriated and shoots the boy. He then orders Devereaux to shoot the girl to prove his loyalty. Deveraux refuses. The girl attempts to escape but Scott kills her with a grenade.

An enraged Devereaux turns on Scott and they kill each other. The next morning, a U.S. Special Forces squad finds their bodies. The commanding officer orders the bodies to be bagged and have their deaths officially listed as 'missing in action'.

"In 1992, terrorists take over the Hoover Dam and police agencies are ordered not to intervene or attempt to rescue the hostages. Instead, the 'Universal Soldiers' (aka 'UniSols'), an elite counter terrorism unit, are brought in. Among the team are long-dead Devereaux (aka 'GR44') and Scott ('GR13').

"They wear high-tech computer equipment over one eye and have apparently been reanimated with no memory of their previous lives.

Devereaux and Scott are sent in to dispatch several of the terrorists using excessive force. Camera feeds are relayed back to the command post. As the team infiltrate the area, they demonstrate their superior training and physical abilities against the armed terrorists.

"But once the area is finally secured, Devereaux begins to regain patches of memory from his former life..."

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