Sunday, October 2, 2011

Will Universal's "Sub-Mariner" Destroy The Realm Eternal ?

Still no updates about a 'Namor' feature film, since Universal Pictures announcd September 13, 2006, that director Jonathan Mostow would rewrite David Self's screenplay and direct Marvel Studios' "Sub-Mariner".

Kevin Misher was to have produced through his Misher Films.

Marvel Comics has since released the new "Sub-Mariner" series, "Namor: The First Mutant", written by Stuart Moore and illustrated by Ariel Olivetti :

"When vampires infest the depths of the dark ocean floor, the 'Sub-Mariner' must make a life-altering decision…does he stand with 'Atlantis' or the 'X-Men' ? What lurks down below the ocean where the sun can't reach? Namor's choice, will define a new chapter in his life, or his death..."

Created in 1939 by writer/illustrator Bill Everett, 'Namor' was born in the capital of the 'Atlantean Empire' off the Antarctic coast, son of 'Fen', 'sea-mammal' daughter of 'Atlantean Emperor Thakorr' and the American sea captain, 'Leonard McKenzie', of the icebreaker 'Oracle'.

When Fen failed to return from investigating the ship, Thakorr sent soldiers to attack the Oracle, not realizing his daughter was inside making love with McKenzie.

In the ensuing attack, McKenzie was killed and Fen was returned to the kingdom. Nine months later, a pink-skinned child was born among the blue-skinned Atlanteans.

When he matured, Namor would swim the oceans with Atlantean 'Namora', while keeping an eye on the human race.

Although distrustful of humans, Namor was more than willing to join the Allies in their battles across Europe during World War II.

Marvel Studios are also looking to re-boot 20 Century Fox' "The Fantastic Four" for 2013, with a possible nod to 'The Invisible Girl' (aka 'Sue Storm') and her infatuation with Namor.

Sue would take every opportunity to be with Namor, despite her marriage to 'Reed Richards' aka 'Mr. Fantastic'.

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